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eLunch Club


"What's for lunch?"

"Where should we go for lunch today?"

"Let's try something different for lunch."

"My finances are a little short today."

Sound familiar? These and other phrases seem to pop up almost every day around 11 AM or so in downtown offices. Here's a great resource for Cleveland Women (and their male friends and co-workers) to enjoy some new venues and foods and it's likely you'll get some free lunches out of it too!

eLunchClubeLunchClub is a website and e-mail service that "unites hungry downtown consumers with lunch specials offered at local restaurants."

Once you sign up - for free! - you will receive an e-mail each business morning that lists daily specials at several local restaurants. The message will list bargain prices and tasty specials that will enhance your lunchtime experience.

Plus when you sign up you will be eligible to receive free lunches from participating restaurants. Each day, eLunchClub awards free lunches at participating restaurants and announce the recipients on their website and in the e-mail.

Free lunches at eLunchClub

It's easy to sign up. Just Click here.

They'll ask for your name and e-mail and a few optional questions (male or female for example)

And it's just as easy to stop the e-mail messages if you ever choose to do that. eLunch Club says they "will not lend, sell, share or trade your e-mail address with any other parties. We follow a strict anti-SPAM policy."

The exciting venues include

  • Pickwick and Frolic
  • the Winking Lizard Tavern
  • Alice Cooper'stown
  • The Waterhouse
  • Odessa Deli
  • and other downtown restaurants

See you at lunch! (Yes, we've been members for over a year and received several free lunches and taken advantage of new foods, special values and restaurants)

Read a sample of some of the many testimonials from other satisfied eLunchClub members:

"I think eLunchClub is great! It is a one stop shopping place for a good lunch spot and it also gives you an opportunity to receive a free lunch as well. I love it!

With eLunchClub you don't have to spend all morning going from one website to the other. All the information you need can be found in one place. I call it the "Progressive" of the Downtown Lunch Bunch!!"

Dianne B.

"I've only been a member of the eLunchClub a very short period but membership has definitely already helped me out with two very precious commodities, time and money. I waste less time deciding on where to grab lunch with the list of current specials and, by getting a list of the specials, I can work out what fits with my budget.

Also, getting the email alerts is another great cheat - no time wasted making phone calls or walking around a food court somewhere. Oh, and let's not forget the great free lunch give away too!"

- Julie J.

Since I live alone, I like to eat my main meal-of-the-day at lunchtime, with all the great choices downtown, eLunchClub.com makes that simple to do, with a quick glance at the 'specials' they e-mail me each morning. So I get a great meal at a great price.

That claim they make about a 'free lunch' is true too -- I got mine less than a month after signing up. And besides it being totally 'free', eLunchClub introduced me that day to the Odessa Deli, whose delicious food I now eat once/week."

Michael P.

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