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Practical Girl Lives Magical Life
by Coach Joelle

I never went looking for magic.

Coach Joelle ProcheraSure, I liked the idea of the power of positive thinking.

I liked the idea that there was a mysterious force working behind the scenes for my greater good.

I liked the idea that there was something beyond the walls and the floor and the chairs, something unseen that had my friends calling me on just the morning that they had crossed my mind.

But you see, I am a practical girl and I was not going to sit around trying to magically positive-think my way to make more money, to finding a husband or to getting my staff to stop bickering. It was just too much for me to throw my life into the hand of an illusory and unreliable unknown.

And so,

I set out to find something solid, something tangible, something practical that I could count on when it came to creating a life that worked.

In my quest to understand and my own search for happiness, I came across something called coaching (more specifically Ontological coaching), within it I found tools, models and exercises that began to reveal the mystery.

Suddenly, positive thinking made sense, but not because of something "magical" but because of a clearly discernable processes that even the most logical person could grasp. I had found my answer and I started putting it to work in my life.

By using these practical tools, I began to master my own ability to be happy and own my personal power. I honed my skill and became someone who was consciously making my life.

  • Through this knowledge I was able to create abundant, deeply rewarding relationships.
  • I excelled at my work and ultimately went on to create a professional life that completely fulfills me and gives me freedom of time, location and limitless possibility.
  • I used these same skills to rise above years of serial dating and chronic dissatisfaction to ultimately find and marry the man of my dreams.
  • Perhaps most importantly I became that joyful, peaceful person I had been longing to be.

I became comfortable in my own skin.

The stronger I got, and the clearer I became, and the less baggage I carried, the more something became quite clear. To my great surprise, the magic which I had worked so hard to live without became an undeniable fact.

The very same coaching tools that I had been using to make my life work, were also freeing me up and lifting me up to be in the flow, to be in tune with my higher self and to experience the magic inherent in our world.

No, I didn't go looking for magic...but fortunately magic found me anyway.

Today, the magic of the world and my place within it is an integral part of my life experience and my capacity to a create life in alignment with my greatest dreams.

Not so long ago I would never have dared to write all of this in an article but today it is my truth and as I said, simply undeniable. At this point in my life I cannot go a day without someone talking about "the universe", God, someone telling me they got chills at some part in our conversation or someone saying "I just know we came into each other's lives for a reason." HOW COOL IS THAT!

Magical living is so much more fun than living solely in the practical because it opens exciting new avenues for your dreams to be fulfilled. No longer are your dreams solely dependant on your hard work, instead, it becomes part hard work, part being open and part providence.

I invite you to really look at your life and ask yourself what is it that you want, and perhaps more importantly, what is it that life wants from you? These two go hand in hand - your dreams and desires call you into your highest service and you living your passion is not only for your greatest good but for the good of all. When you put it that way it is almost selfish not to go for the joy, follow your dreams and do what you love.

So, I ask you...

What are those things that you wonder about...day-dream about?

Those ideas that give you that tinge of excitement and have you pondering...

"could I really?"

I am here to say YES, yes you can. Those wonderings, those ideas of how life could be, those daydreams, are there for a reason. They are there to draw you to the life you were put here to live. One where you are joyfully, passionately and fully living a life you love.

Do you dare to be the master of your own destiny?

My personal wish for you is that you come to know the wonder of this world, that you dare to follow your dreams, and that you experience the magic of a life lived on purpose.

With Love,

Coach Joelle

P.S. Seeking more time, peace, beauty and magic in your life? You just may want to check out the Make Your Life Program. Go for the joy ladies, go for the joy!

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR COACH JOELLE?: I am looking for the opportunity to fully serve each of you on your personal adventure. If you have a life or business challenge that you would like a coaching perspective on, or perhaps you just want to talk about the magic of life (YUM) please email me at Joelle@coachjoelle.com.

"Make your life a work of art a joyful dance a grand adventure!" - Coach Joelle

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