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Glowing Goddesses
by Wendy Fitos

Being July, the Makeup Junkie's mind is slightly on vacation so this month's topic will help you enhance an existing tan and for those of us who are sun challenged, show you how to achieve a tan without the sun.

Having a tan gives us a healthier look, gives definition to the muscles and contours of the body and camouflages veins or dimpling that are normally very noticeable. Who doesn't enjoy these benefits?

Being that as I am as pale as Casper the Ghost and can hear my skin sizzling after 10 minutes in the sun, achieving a sunless tan sounds like a good place to start. Today's self tanners give a great tan without the orange and the airbrush tans that salons' offer look as good as being out in the sun for hours.

It is quite simple to prepare for these methods of tanning by exfoliating your body shortly before tanning and keeping body lotion on the skin after the tan has dried for a soft moist glow. A gangbuster product created by Jergens last year for the body is Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer which is available in fair, medium and dark tones to keep the existing tan looking natural.

Natural Glow for the face was added this year and looks fabulous over a tan and under makeup for a sun-kissed look for the face.

For those of you who can tan naturally and look like a bronze goddess without assistance, exfoliating the body is equally important to keep dry, flaky skin from giving your color a dull appearance. Keeping lotion on the skin brings out a beautiful sheen and gives the skin a very youthful appearance that puts a skip into anyone's step.

After being out in the sun, apply an after sun moisturizer to the body and use sun enhancing shampoos and conditioners to keep the skin and hair healthier. Washing the face immediately will help take off sunscreen residue that can lead to breakouts if left on the face.

Being a makeup junky, it would be an injustice if I didn't suggest a few products that will make your tan face look even prettier in just 5 minutes. If your face tends to be oily, use a matte bronzing powder on the T-Zone to avoid greasy shine.

Normal and dryer skins can use a soft shimmer bronzing powder all over the face to bring out the eyes and cheekbones. Using a soft glimmering gold eyeshadow on the lids and adding a couple of coats of mascara to give the eye a lift enhance eyes.

Smile a Hollywood smile and where you see the apples of your cheeks appear, use a creamy blush well blended to have the face look softly flushed and finish the look by using lip glosses to make the lips look fuller.

Wendy Fitos is a licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician. She can be reached to schedule consultations and lessons at Spa Ostara, 24945 Detroit Road, Westlake, Ohio 44145 (440)-835-2922 or by email at MkeupJunki@aol.com.

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