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Trendy Wedding Reception
6 steps from Miss Mary Mac

Themed weddings have been around for years and have become trendier in recent months as seen in Modern Bride Magazine's summer 2004 issue.

Wedding couples are looking for direction on how to make their ordinary party into an extraordinary party that guests will still talk about long after the day has passed.

The following recommendations can help couples achieve this by incorporating imagination, creativity and the desire to be distinctive.

1. Begin with invitations.

Ask your engraver to add a small design on the inside of your invitation or wherever you have information about the reception. If for example an ice cream social is your theme see if there is an ice cream cone or Sundae dish they can emboss onto the paper without taking away from the main body of the invitation. Subtlety is stylish; you don't want to come across as overpowering with your theme.

2. Add flavor to your favor.

When it comes to guest favors at any bridal shower or wedding reception opt for a tasty treat your guests will love. Try ice cream toppings in assorted flavors that guests can choose from or assign certain flavors to specific tables. Couples should ask to customize the labels with their names and wedding date or with a special message to their guests.

3. Keep costs down by serving desserts in family style serving bowls.

Keeping with the ice cream social example, guests can enjoy a "Make-Your-Own-Sundae" buffet directly at their table with elegant serving bowls filled with fresh strawberries, warmed chocolate fudge, creamy caramel sauce, candy garnishes, whipped cream and cherries. Serve with individual bowls of ice cream or ice cream with wedding cake.

4. Decorate centerpieces that are coordinated with your theme.

Order simple but elegant centerpieces that can be given away at the end of the party. Stack three large jars of assorted ice cream toppings inside a see-through mesh or woven wine bag and decorate with ribbons and bead strings for a classy looking centerpiece.

5. Make games using trivia and fun facts related to your theme.

Make a list of fun facts and trivia related to your theme and ask your DJ or entertainment coordinator to assist in getting your guests to participate. Treasure hunts work great for parties with children. Award winners with gift certificates or any fun gift item related to your theme.

6. Have a dance contest.

See who can do the limbo or who can dance the craziest or who does the best Cha-Cha and award winners with a special gift box filled with goodies related to your theme.

"Couples should work with their function coordinator and ask questions such as who will be setting up the favors, to whom the favors, desserts, and centerpieces should be delivered to and how far in advance can they be delivered" says Nadine McNeil, President of Miss Mary Mac's Ice Cream Topping Company.

"All it takes is communication and good planning to have a theme dream wedding of a lifetime."

Miss Mary Mac's Homemade Ice Cream Toppings Company is a family owned business retailing additive and preservative-free gourmet dessert toppings nationwide. For more information call (877) 624-4080.

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