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Dear Webby
Needs Personal Space

Dear Webby,

How do I explain to my boyfriend what personal space is?

I'm not talking about it from a physical point of view but emotionally? I'm 21 years old.

Dear 21,

Webby is pleased that you are secure within yourself and realize you don't have to spend every minute with someone to secure your relationship.

Explain to him that absence makes the heart grow fonder. You don't want being with each other to be a chore; it should be something you look forward to. It should be special time not something you have to do.

Having an evening with the girls, reading a book in solitude or just doing your laundry is important and will make you a more interesting person.

Having interests of his own will make him more interesting and give both of you more to talk about.

If he is clingy, needy, and insecure he might not be the right "boyfriend" for you. Was he like this with other relationships? Get to know more about him.

You don't want to find yourself in a serious situation, say married for example, to someone who wants you to stay at home and not grow or who is suspicious of your friends and needs.

Stick to your guns, Webby believes he understands personal space; he just doesn't want to give you yours.

Good Luck,

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