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Mike Doley spent 15 years "on the job" as a Sergeant in Willoughby Hills and in the Narcotics and Road Departments of the Geauga County Sheriff's Department.

From there he went to the East Cleveland Fire Department where he spent seven years.

Now that he is "retired" Mike works as a fire investigator for the private sector.

Mike Doley
Mike is also a Marine (there's no such thing as an ex-Marine).

He will be answering any questions you may have on basic police issues, primarily traffic and misdemeanors. As you will see, Mike has an irreverent style that is part of his no-nonsense personality.

E-mail him at cop@ClevelandWomen.com

From Mike: Thanks for the really interesting questions. I try to be as careful as I can about answering each question as truthfully as I can.

I will not give legal advice as the lawyers will get upset. I do not know the ordinances of each community and some have differing laws on some things. State law however applies to most questions. If you really need a complete and comprehensive answer, go to a library - the Ohio Revised Code is there along with local ordinances.

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Scared of Police Officers
After a Traffic Stop

Accident Response Question
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Security Guards and Flaggers
What authority do they have?

Refuse to sign a ticket?
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Bikes, Emergency Vehicles, Funerals
More Questions about Traffic Rules

Questions about Traffic Rules
School zones, landscaper trucks, yellow signs

Questions about drinking & driving
Should you take the Breathalyzer test? Can't pass Sobriety test when sober

Questions about tickets
Contesting Radar, tap from behind, city limits

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