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The Send To command

Q. I saw a presenter click on a file and it opened up his e-mail program with the file already attached. I was afraid to ask about it but it sure looks useful. How did he send it there?

A. You can't be afraid to ask about technology. Nobody knows everything about PCs and a simple question can save you lots of time.

He probably used "Send To". When you are in Windows Explorer and looking at the various names of files, you can right-click on the name and a box will pop up with activities you can perform. One of the most useful is Send To.

The choices you have will vary but usually there will be a selection for Desktop (to create a shortcut), your floppy (and maybe Zip or other) drives, My Documents folder and maybe a printer or WinZIP.

While this is very useful, you can easily add to the Send To list. Send To is just a folder. It's under Documents and Settings\User Name. You can open the folder to see what's in it.

Better yet, you can add new destinations to the folder. For example, if you wanted to be able to send a file to your e-mail program (let's assume Outlook Express for example) you could drag the Outlook Eexpress icon to the Send To folder. The next time you are browsing files and want to e-mail one, you can just right-click on it, choose Send To and choose Outlook Express. The program will open and the file will be ready to send.

You can choose other destinations as well - a printer, fax, CD-RW drive, Notepad, Word - whatever. Give it a try.

Answered by Tech Expert Dan Hanson

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