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Tara Michelle
Strength & Voice

With Strength & Voice as my guide
I fear nothing or the need to hide
Remembering the times we kiss
Only Brings me to how much I miss...
...You, with your words so sweet
You fail not to make my heart skip a beat
I now know why the word love is so strong
And after all these years it didn't take me to long
You feel me inside and out
I finally know what love is about
I said I didn't believe in fate
We even shared that stupid Debate
And here I am Believing in fate
You make me believe in things
I never thought I would
You me believe that life somehow is good
Your that one hopeless love
and not a day goes by I don't thank god & the heavens above
Your my Strength & your Voice is my guide
With you I fear nothing nor have a reason to hide

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