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Poetry from Michaella

Michaella Molinski is 21 years old and has been writing poetry for six years.

She loves to write about real life experiences and has been encouraged by those who read her poetry to compile a book along with her mother who loves to write. They are in the process of beginning this venture.

Her love of people and family are depicted in much of what she writes. She loves junk food but finally at the age of 21 knows when to stop (unlike her younger years). Her favorite foods are Italian and Mexican dishes and she shares a passion for ice cream with her grandmother.

She loves to just "hang out" with her friends. She enjoys sports and especially playing softball on Friday nights with her friends.

Her favorite movies are "Top Gun", "Dirty Dancing" and anything scary. Things she hates are mushrooms, spiders, cleaning her room and clowns (too many Chuckie movies as a kid).

She loves all type of music and loves to sing out loud (but she can't carry a tune to saver her soul).

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