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The Chic Entrepreneur:
Put Your Business in Higher Heels
by Elizabeth W. Gordon

There are plenty of (too many?) business books on the market. Many focus on a particular niche with their message. Books for a female audience often tell us how to survive in business despite being women.

The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels by Elizabeth W. Gordon stresses that you can succeed because you are a woman, not in spite of that fact.

The tagline 'Learn how to take your business from flats to stilettos' is a good summary but the book is not all girly-girl fluff. The author says you have to "combine style with industriousness."

She uses the high heels metaphor when appropriate such as when encouraging you to have a roadmap for your business. "You certainly don't want to wander around the city in high heels not knowing where you are going."

Throughout the book are cutouts called Chic Tips such as "Cultivate your own unique style. Try consistently wearing one signature item like a scarf or a pin or a specific color, or having a catch phrase that you always say. This will make you both memorable and distinctive. Think Anna Wintour and her oversized sunglasses."

There are also "How Chic are you?" questions at the end of each chapter such as

  • Do you have a professional headshot?
  • Do you have a 100-150 word bio for you and your business?
  • Can someone tell immediately what you do when entering your place of business or your website?
  • Are you still on your first box of business cards?

Much of the content is a comparison of two people, two companies and two styles. Payless vs Nordstron for shoes describes the real life issues confronting Don and Donna for example.

Depending on where you are in your business, you can skip around to your problem areas (finding the employees for example). Or scan through the Chic Tips and answer the How Chic are you questions and focus on the areas you need help.

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The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels

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