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Cooking around the calendar
with kids
by Amy Houts

This is not just a cookbook with recipes that kids can help with. It's an opportunity for you to share food and fun with the family. It's also the beginning of meaingful seasonal and holiday traditions that your family will embrace and cherish for years to come.

Author Amy Houts is a former children's librarian and preschool teacher. Her Preschooler in the Kitchen series an for 12 years.

The book is set up as a calendar so no matter when you read it, you can jump to the current season. And it is not just for holidays. The book includes recipes, activities and information for the different seasons, such as Autumn Ideas.

Other information is included such as Ten Table Manner Children Can Learn. In these modern days of mismatched schedules, anything-goes etiquette and scarfing down food in front of the TV, these tips can bring some civility, family unity and manners to meal time.

Stories are included about some of the recipes, seasons and holidays. For example, have you heard of the Legend of the Five Kernels? It's a terrific Thanksgiving story that will remind you and your children what to be thankful for.

Parents will be relieved to read the Planning Lunch section. Providing a healthy, yet tasty and easy-to-prepare lunch for the kids is a chore and these tips will help.

From A Valentine's Day Tea Party to recipes to surprise Mom on Mother's Day to Ten ways to Keep Cool this Summer, the 120 page hardcover book is packed with activities and information.

Cooking Around the Calendar with Kids: Holiday and Seasonal Food and Fun

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