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EATiquette's the Main Course on Dining Etiquette
By David Rothschild

Should I tip restaurant entertainers?

Are there rules for buffets?

Where should I put my purse while dining?

David Rothschild - Eatiquette
Author David Rothschild

Ever wonder about these and other dining questions? This book provides these and many more answers in a very easy, quick and entertaining way.

Much of the information in this book we already know - or should - but there were things that I thought only troubled me and some things that surprised me.

Did you know that waiters do not get minimum wage?

I was happy to know that when you get those popular stacked foods it's ok to disassemble them on your plate and not try to cut through them.

Is it ok to ask a Chef for a recipe? When invited to dinner do I tell the host if I'm a vegetarian? How do I get the guests to leave?

Lots of bite-size tidbits with cartoon illustrations make this a cute little refresher course or a first experience into the world of dining etiquette for others.

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Reviewed by Pat Hanson

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