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Jokes for Women

Have some fun and pass them on. Some of the jokes are at the expense of men, but we aren't bashing them. Just having some fun.

Men can be such simple creatures

Man wearing baseball cap backwards

Gee, I wish somebody would invent something
to keep the sun out of my eyes.

The Nun at Hooters
Not what she expected in the restroom

The Blonde Pilot
Dealing with an emergency

Romance on a Cruise Ship
Discoveries of a new romance

The Fishing Trip
Never lie to a Woman!

44 years of marriage
The smart wife helps her husband's mid-life crisis

Barbara Walters in Afghanistan
Women after the Taliban fall

King Arthur and the Witch
What do women really want?

My new Diet Joke
From my daily food log

Yet another Blonde Joke
The Blonde takes a milk bath

Tickets please
More proof that Women are smarter than Men

It all makes sense now
What do they have in common?

The Perfect Wedding Dress
and the perfect response to her ex's trophy wife

Women's favorite Joke
as voted last year

Male Drivers
Challenging the traffic camera

Dear Tide
What a great product!

First ever Blonde Guy joke
It's about time

A scary tale for Halloween
Kentucky Ghost Story

How Men screw up Romance
This photo says it all

Blondes on a Bus Joke
As told by a Brunette

The Ultimate Blonde Joke
To tell all your blonde friends

Why Men Don't Write Advice Columns
Dear Walter - Can you help?

Women are like apples
Men are like fine wine

Submarine Racing Championship
Photo of the exciting finish

Future Mother-in-Law from Hell
Sounds like an interesting wedding!

I'm changing my life in the New Year
No more funny e-mails from me or my new friends

Beware of this new Gang of Thieves!
The photo tells the story

Wifely Duties
What this Ohio man found out

The Difference between Women & Men
This Cartoon says it all

When Women Lie
The Real Reason

Ohio State vs Michigan Jokes
Go Bucks!

Funny (true?) Quotes
From other Women

The Shortest Fairy Tale
Once upon a time...

Classes for Men
A variety of necessary topics

Mood Ring
It's very accurate!

The Perfect Breakfast
This woman has it all!

The Tech Support Call
Upgrading from Boyfriend to Husband

Irish Jokes
Some Old and some Older!

Middle Age
Can be Profitable

A strange funeral procession
Good doggie

A modern Fairy Tale
The frog that was a prince

This little white Lie
Takes the cake!

When a woman lies
Only the best reason, of course

Ah, to be six again
A special birthday

The Top Ten Things
Men understand about Women

Scary things going on
Not an Urban Legend

Why won't Men listen?
Short and Sweet

God and Eve
Our Little Secret

Gender of Non-living things
Is a ZipLoc Bag male or female?

Heard a good one? Let us know
E-mail jokes@ClevelandWomen.com

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