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My Wines Direct

with the Irish Wine Gal

The Irish Wine Gal has had over twelve years in the wine industry ranging from restaurant work to operations manger of a broker/importer.

When she's not working in the wine industry she does volunteer work for Hospice of the Western Reserve and supports her parish, St. Philomena.

Her favorite grape is Pinot Noir, because it can be bubbly and sparkly or a medium body red!

The Irish Wine Gal welcomes your comments, thoughts and questions.

Have a question or comment about wine? E-mail us at wine@ClevelandWomen.Com

Introductory Column - Tasting Wines
by the Irish Wine Gal

Ordering Wine in a Restaurant
Don't be intimidated

Wine Tasting Party
What to expect

Popular wines, Non-grape wine and favorite regions
Your questions answered by the Irish Wine Gal

Re-corking chilled wine and a wine's age
Your questions answered by the Irish Wine Gal

Sake 101 - The basics of Sake
"W(h)ine, W(h)ine, W(h)ine," she said. By Jane Milauskas

Stallion Cellars Pinot Noir 2005

All Red Tasting Pack

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Bridget the Irish Wine Gal

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