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Hair Advice
from the experts at JCPenney Styling Salon
Richmond Town Square

JCPenneys Salon - Richmond Town Square

JCPenney Salons Offer
Inspirational Styles and Engaging Services

Q. My hair is very thick and won't hold a set for more than about an hour. Then it just falls flat. Should I have it thinned out?

I have heard that thinning your hair can cause damage later. If not thinning - any other ideas?

A. No, thinning the hair will not damage your hair.

You may need to cut some layers into your hair to remove the weight. This will help to hold your style depending on what look you're trying to achieve.

Also using the correct product in your hair will help to maintain the desired look.

Q. Every time I go into a salon I know exactly what I want, but the stylist always convinces me that they have a better idea and I go along with it. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.

Should the stylist do what the client wants even if they think it may not be flattering or should they offer suggestions or just do it their way?

A. As a stylist you should always do what the client wants as far as their hairstyle is concerned.

As a professional you should recommend what enhances their features best. Ultimately it's up to the client.

Q. Are bangs back in style? Straight across or wispy? Can anyone wear bangs or do you need a certain face structure for them?

A. Bangs can always be in - longer bangs, short bangs or wispy depending on the rest of the hairstyle you are wearing and most of all what you will be comfortable in.

Q. I have a hard time keeping up with hair fashion. Short hair will be in style so I cut my hair then super long hair is in style - I can't grow it that fast. Then straight, then curls, then waves, then... well, you know. Help!

A. Fashion is what you are comfortable with and how it fits into your lifestyle.

If you have restricted time to work with your hair in the morning and choose a hairstyle that requires extended time - that will not work and you will find yourself looking not so put together.

Work with your stylist to choose a hair style that goes well with your features and you can live with on a day to day basis - If you're looking for a change color, lowlights or highlights can add the change and fashion you need.

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JCPenney Styling Salon
Richmond Town Square
701 Richmond Rd
Richmond Hts, Ohio 44143

440-461-8855 or 440-461-8064

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