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Hair Advice
from the experts at JCPenney Styling Salon
Richmond Town Square

JC Penneys Salon - Richmond Town Square

JCPenney Salons Offer
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Q. I have long hair that i always wear the same way. I don't want to loose length, but I need something new. Any ideas?

A. Long hair is fun to work with, you have so many options! Add layers to give a textured look (ask about a razor cut), or add a splash of color.

Try some highlights and lowlights to give a totally different look. When styling, add a small braid to bring out your inner "hippie" (braids and twists are totally in).

Have fun with switching up your cut, color or style. Try something new!

Response by Amanda

Q. What can I do about the excessive greasiness in my hair? I wash it all the time, but it gets greasy right away. Thank you

A. The excess oils in your hair cause it to be greasy. Everybody needs those oils. You just need to control them.

Start off by shampooing your hair every day (there are shampoos for oily hair but they could get expensive).

Two tips that I use: Buy a dry shampoo (TIGI Bed head, Dirty Secret) this looks like hair spray but it's not. Spray a small amount to greasy roots and rub in.

The product is a powder so it absorbs all the excess has a great smell too! If you don't want to buy that I recommend Baby powder.

Apply a small amount to greasy roots like you would the other, and work the powder in. These should help if you like it I would carry a small bottle of baby powder in your purse to use throughout the day.

Response by Amanda

Q. Hello. I have 3 children and with each one I seem to lose more hair. My hair is now very fine and there are even spots where it looks like I'm loosing my hair completely. AND I'm expecting no. 4.

Is there a relationship between the hair loss and the pregnancy and is there anything I can do to keep it from happening (and maybe get my hair back)?

If I can't get it back, what style would our suggest to make it look fuller? Thank you.

A. Postpartum alopecia is temporary hair loss experienced at the conclusion of a pregnancy. For some women, pregnancy seems to disrupt the normal growth cycle of hair, with very little hair loss during pregnancy but, an excessive shedding of form 3-9 months after delivery.

This may be very traumatic to you, but the growth cycle generally returns to normal within one year. If you have any other questions you should speak with your doctor.

Response by Amanda

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