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Hair Advice
from the experts at JCPenney Styling Salon
Richmond Town Square

JCPenneys Salon - Richmond Town Square

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Q. What do you suggest for healthy hair in the hot, humid days of summer?

A. Always use a good hydrating shampoo and a moisture conditioner.

If your hair frizzes easily, use a smoothing shampoo, conditioner and finishing products that are humidity resistant and help control the frizz.

Response by Karen

Q. What's the latest hot, sexy look for this summer. I'm 19 and love to follow the trends!

A. Anything goes this Summer! Especially styles and cuts that keep your natural texture, Short, spiked hairstyles are still in.

Response by Alice

Q. Will stress really make my hair fall out? Can it be stopped once it starts?

What about tight hats and caps? Do they make your hair fall out or cause baldness

A. Stress definitely causes hair loss, and yes it does come back with good conditioning and frequent trims, once the stress is under control.

Can it be stopped once it starts? No once it starts it kind of runs it's course of shedding.

Tight hats and caps do cause thinning around the hairline and in the nape area but they do not cause baldness.

Baldness is mostly caused by heredity and improper chemical applications.

Response by Alice

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JCPenney Styling Salon
Richmond Town Square
701 Richmond Rd
Richmond Hts, Ohio 44143

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