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Hair Advice
from the experts at JCPenney Styling Salon
Richmond Town Square

JCPenneys Salon - Richmond Town Square

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Q. Is haircolor really bad for your hair? I thought it used to be, but that the stuff they have today is better. Then someone told me that it still dries your hair out. Is this true?

A. It's ok to color your hair with out being worried. When your hair is colored A LOT it is being over processed and will dry the hair out, this is BAD.

Many manufactures have changed the formulations in color products than what you may gave been used to "back in the day". Now most color lines have conditioning agents in them that make the hair more nourished, silky smooth, and even can strengthen your hair.

So don't be afraid to COLOR.

Response by Amanda

Q. My hairdresser says my hair is fine but thick. How can it be both? Should I buy product for thin hair (like volumizing)?

A. Fine but Thick??? Ok, there are 3 types of hair textures.Fine, Medium, and Coarse.

Fine hair requires special care. To avoid hair breakage use less heat and pressure when combing and flat ironing.

Hair density is the number of individual hair strands on the head. Thick- a lot of hair, thin lesser amount of hairs.

I know it's confusing but basically you have a lot of soft hair. Hope that helps!

Response by Amanda

Q. Is there still such a thing as a body perm? When I was younger I used to get one all the time, but haven't heard of them in awhile.

I don't want a lot of curls, just something that will keep my hair from falling flat after a short time. Thank you.

A. Yes body perms are coming back.and it's not what it used to be. The perfect example is Jessica Simpson. She has long loose, romantic curls. This look is achieved by using the long bendable perm rods.

Good news. Some perms are no longer foul smelling and harsh. Manufactures are trying to come out with more non-scented conditioning solutions (they are hard to find but they are out there). Ask your hairdresser about the many perms available.

Response by Amanda

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