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Hair Advice
from the experts at JCPenney Styling Salon
Richmond Town Square

JCPenneys Salon - Richmond Town Square

JCPenney Salons Offer
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Q. I love waves in hair - my hair is pretty long but I always wind up with curls not waves. What's the secret? Thanks

A. Two tricks that may be helpful:

1. Loosely curl your hair,then run your fingers through each curl. They should fall into a smooth wave.

2. Wash your hair at night (towel dry), apply a styling cream (Paul Mitchell), braid hair (1 or 2 braids depending on how many waves you want), in the morning run fingers through braids to separate. This should give you more of a messy beach wave look.

Always asks your hairdresser for advice on maintaining your style- I'm sure they would be more likely to help. I would!

Response by Amanda

Q. What causes my split ends - I use conditioner but my ends are really bad. Then I have to cut them and wind up wearing my hair shorter than I want. HELP!

A. Split ends. We all have them, but don't want them!

Conditioners are a good, but it's what your do after you wash your hair. Do you blow dry a lot? How about flat iron hair? Is the weather cold and dry out? These are damaging to your hair if used in excessive.

Keep doing what you are doing, conditioning well, but sometimes the best way is to trim the ends to start fresh. I know this isn't what you want to hear but it is the truth. Sorry.

Response by Amanda

Q. Is there any way other than all that spray to make my hair last through an evening? I go out and think I look good and within a short time my hair is just hanging down.

A. Hair spray is your best bet to keep fly-always down. If you use hairspray I go "helmet hard" (meaning a lot of spray) and use Bobbie pins (just make sure they are hidden)

Here is a trick: let your hair do what it wants. If you know your hair falls in the back let them. Curl them to make a sexy, messy, romantic look. Work with what you have!

Response by Amanda

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