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Hair Advice
from the experts at JCPenney Styling Salon
Richmond Town Square

JC Penneys Salon - Richmond Town Square

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Q. What's projected for hair for next season? I am thinking about getting a bob - but if long hair is the style, I don't want to do anything that drastic. Thank you.

A. New York's strongest trend for 2009 - slicked back hair into buns and braids. Prediction for 2009 is long and loose hair with curls of some sort.

They can be a little tighter or really loose, but Hollywood and New York runway is pushing away from stick straight hair - finally!

Response by Amanda

Q. Are streaks of creative hair coloring (fuchsia, blue, apple red) damaging? Is it a permanent dye or temporary? Can it be washed out right away?

A. Colored streaks definitely make a fun statement. Are they damaging to your hair? They could be.

The damage would come from the bleaching process. Bleaching the hair can cause breakage.

Fun colors come in permanent and temporary dyes. When choosing a permanent dye you need to go back and re-color. Temporary dyes would wash out sooner.

Keep in mind colors (blue, purple, red) FADE QUICKLY.

Response by Amanda

Q. I have very curly hair - I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days. At least until now.

I mentioned this to a friend who thought that was disgusting. So my question is - how often should a person wash their hair and is it the same rule of thumb for everybody? Thanks a lot.

A. Washing hair all depends on your type of hair. Is it curly, straight or wavy? Curly hair when washed a lot tends to dry out, and causes a frizz ball.

Is your hair oily, greasy, or dry? Somebody with oily or greasy hair would want to wash their hair more often (at least I would hope so).

I would recommend washing your hair every other day (still conditioning every day).

Tip: check out a dry shampoo (Tigi Bed Head), spray at roots when having a "greasy hair day". It's a powder to absorb oils- then you're good to go!

Response by Amanda

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