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12 Easy, Meaningful New Year's Resolutions
that are Actually Achievable

The social goal achievement web application, www.GoalTribe.com, offered a list of easy to achieve New Year's resolutions that make a difference.

Robin Krieglstein, CEO and founder of GoalTribe, Inc. noted that, "Although New Years is the traditional time of year to take stock of your life and set big goals for the coming year, too often people try to go from coach potato to marathoner with no steps in between. That's a recipe for frustration."

From their experience with the thousands of goals set on GoalTribe.com, Krieglstein says the key is breaking gigantic goals into smaller, attainable goals that you can easily commit to and achieve.

To guarantee success with all of your New Year's resolutions, and goal achievement throughout the year, GoalTribe.com recommends getting a support network of allies to hold you accountable. To support its mission of helping people improve their lives, their communities and the world through goal achievement, Goaltribe prepared the following 12 simple New Year's Resolutions that anybody can easily achieve.

Try something new this year and set at least one New Year's resolution you will actually achieve!

For Health, Wealth and Happiness:

1. Health: Resolve to drink one glass of water instead of a sugary drink each day.

2. Wealth: Resolve to take a packed lunch twice a week and invest the savings.

3. Happiness: Resolve to journal one thing you're grateful for each day.

For Mind, Body and Soul:

4. Mind: Resolve to read one interesting book from the library each month.

5. Body: Resolve to take a 15 minute brisk walk each day.

6. Soul: Resolve to do one simple, random act of kindness each day.

For Peace, Love and Understanding:

7. Peace: When trivial conflicts arise, resolve to choose peace rather than being right.

8. Love: Resolve to tell someone you love them each day.

9. Understanding: Resolve to listen and understand before trying to be understood.

For Community, Country and Earth

10. Community: Smile and wave whenever you see a neighbor.

11. Country: Resolve to replace arguments with friendly, win-win political discussions.

12. Earth: Resolve to replace 3 light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Additional information on how to achieve goals, new goal achievement tools, life coaches and social support can be found at GoalTribe.com.

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