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Your Look
Makeup, Hair & More!

5 Ways to Take 10 Years Off Your Face
Add some refreshing youth to your face

Long Hair, Greasy Hair & Losing Hair
Your hair questions answered by our Experts

Conditioners, static and summer styles
Your hair questions answered by our Experts

Bed hair, Hair Color and Big Texas hair
Your hair questions answered by our Experts

How often should I wash my hair?
and other expert hair advice

Keratin to straighten hair
Hair trauma and pregnant hair styles

Clear Sight of Night Designs
Wearable Metal Art/Fine Silver and Mixed Media

Audrey Hepburn Time Tested Beauty Tips
Remember Breakfast at Tiffanys' Holly Golightly?

Wants waves not curls
and what to do about Split Ends

Hair color, perms and fine hair
Hair advice from our Salon Expert

Summer hair styles and tips
and thinning and balding hair

Cheap shampoo vs expensive brands
and what temperature to wash hair in

Do acrylic nails hurt your real nails?
and more expert Nail Advice

Thick hair, bangs, hairstyles
and other hair questions answered by our experts

Meet our Makeup Expert, Erin Parsons

Top Ten Spa Beauty Trends to Watch in 2009
Antioxidants, Sunscreen Shampoo, Green & more

Is it OK to sleep with your makeup on?
Does your Age affect your Makeup Choices?
Suggestions for an Asian Face?

Top 5 Makeup Secrets
That Professionals Don't Want You to Know

Lipstick, Powder, Cheek Color and more
of your Makeup Questions Answered by our Makeup Expert

Just Back from Fashion Week in New York
Erin shares the Makeup Trends for Spring 2008

Jewelry with lia sophia expert Natalie Seifried
The Road to Happiness: Connecting Home with Work

More on 'Your Look' from our Archives

No Body is Perfect
Body Image and Shame

Glamour Makeup
Smoky eyes, Crimson Lips and more

Organize your Makeup
Wendy shares some handy ideas

Makeup under the Microscope
Wendy tells what is safe to apply

Remove Eye Makeup
What's the best way? Wendy knows

Drink Up
Help your skin survive a dry summer

Wendy's Foundation Favorites
Foundations formulas have come a long way baby!

Getting your skin ready - Hollywood style
Ready for the Red Carpet

Makeup Bag Essentials for Spring
Wendy's Must Haves

'Hot' Redheads Bound for Extinction
Natural red hair may be gone by 2060!

Pirate Wendy goes searching for Treasure
and finds some Beauty Booty

Caring for Your Feet
Don't let your great new shoes down!

Wendy's Favorite Skincare Products 2007
Wendy's favorite cosmetic products

From Wal-Mart to Saks Fifth Avenue:
Spending Your Makeup Money Wisely

Tools of the Trade - Part 2
Tweezers and Accessories

Tools of the Trade - Part 1
Our Makeup Expert has a drawerful

Glowing Goddesses
Our Makeup Expert gives advice

Common Facial Myths
Debunked by an Esthetician

Sunning Safely
Advice about SPF, Moisturizers & More

Updating Your Makeup Look
It's Easier Than You Think

Tips for Safe Pedicure Experience
Avoid Viral Infections

Want whiter teeth?
Try these 7 Tips

Hair Care Advice
Color at Home or in a Salon?

Hair Care Advice
Can you brush hair too much?

Hair Care Advice
Shampoo, Conditioner, Other Products

Makeup Survey and Tips
from Cleveland Women

New Reality Show?
Hair Designers


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Clear Sight of Night Designs

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