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Bathroom Repairs
Shower & Tub

Q. There is a horrible strip painted about a third way up our boy's bathroom wall. It is a blue strip with brown and multicolored fish. I don t only have the problem of it being extremely ugly, but I am really stumped on how to cover this mess with another paint.

I had considered painting the bathroom a lighter color, something closer to white or bone. Can you please tell me the best way, the best paint, and the best color I would need to cover the mess and not have it show through?

A: You can use a good primer/sealer on the walls before applying your new paint. Primer will cover the dark colors and let you start fresh with what ever color you choose.

My personal favorite primer is called 'KILZ' (white can, red lettering) I have not found anything yet that it won't hide.

Q. There is a dirty streak coming down from the single handle faucet in my fiberglass shower. Also, the water doesn't come out of the shower head evenly, and the fiberglass looks dingy. Can I save the shower or does it need to be replaced?

A: Try a cleaner called "C.L.R". It will remove calcium, lime and rust spots. Follow the instructions on the package to spot test, but is safe on most surfaces. Then also try submerging the head of the shower in it by filling a small bowl and holding it up to the head of the shower (then there is no need to remove it).

Q. Hello. I need your help. We had enclosed shower doors for our bath tub. We had used caulk all around the frame. The problem is that we took the doors off and cannot get the caulk off without scratching the tub or wall. Any advice?

A: Try to use a smooth plastic spatula.

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Beth Hodge
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