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Bathroom Repairs
Sink & Toilet

Q. My toilet used to leak from the base and there was water build up under the floor tile. I think that the toilet has stopped leaking but I really can't tell. What should my next step be? When I touched the floor board next to the toilet it is wet--what do I do?

A:To be safe and sure you can unscrew the bolts on each side of the toilet, lift the toilet off the floor, replace the wax ring (a ring of petroleum based wax, only a few dollars at the hardware store) replace the toilet once the new wax ring is in place and tighten the bolts back down.

This will create a new seal around the flange and stop any leaks caused by the seal not being complete.

Q. I decided to remove the tiles from the bathroom wall. I want to know is there an easy way to remove the "glue from the drywall?

A: To be blunt... No. I attempted that in my old house and ended up just cutting the entire piece of drywall out and replacing it.

Q. When I flush the toilet the waste just swirls around in the bowl and does not go down. What is my problem, thank you.

A: Sounds like a partial clog if the toilet is not overflowing, try the plunger.

If that does not work my next step would be to try a toilet snake, there are manual toilet snakes that are about 3 feet long and are easy to use, that usually does the trick if the clog is in the toilet itself.

Q. Last night when I was using the sink in my bathroom, the flow of water diminished significantly. Again this morning, the total flow was very very low (both hot water and cold water).

The other sink in that bathroom continues to work perfectly. What could be wrong with this faucet and how should I go about troubleshooting it? Thanks

A: Try to unscrew the head of the faucet, clean the small screen inside and run the faucet for a second without the head on. Replace the head and see if the pressure seems normal again.

Sometimes small amounts of dirt may be trapped. If the other sink in the same location works fine, I would think this might be your problem.

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Beth Hodge
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