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Cheese, Cheese & More Cheese!
Tips from the Giant Eagle Legacy Village Certified Cheesemongers

Giant Eagle Legacy Village Cheesemongers Liz and Lorraine

Giant Eagle Legacy Village Cheesemongers Liz and Lorraine

What's a Cheesemonger?

A Certified Cheesemonger is responsible for all aspects of the specialty cheese department and the most important attribute is a "Passion for Cheese".

To be a Certified Cheesemonger, Giant Eagle requires education, along with tasting and hands on experience.

Meet our Expert Cheesemongers
Liz and Lorraine

Fabulous Food Show 2008 Recipes
As promised by Cheesemonger Liz

Grilled Cheese (no, not that grilled cheese)
For summer cooking on the grill

Irish Cheese (and tasty recipe!)
For St. Patrick's Day and Beyond

Farmer's Cheese and Italian Mascarpone
When to use these fresh cheeses

Venturing beyond the basics
What to try after Cheddar, Swiss & Mozzarella?

Grana Padano Parmesan
Cheese Recipe and ideas for Fall

Kosher Cheese Options
For Rosh Hasahnah

Imported Dutch Red Wax Gouda
Learn about this classic mild Dutch cheese

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Send it to:


Giant Eagle Legacy Village cheese selection

A sampling of the cheese available
at Giant Eagle Legacy Village

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