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Cleveland Cooks! Volume 2
Special Offer!

Just in time for the Holidays, we are offering the popular Cleveland Cooks (Vol 2) cookbook at a special price.

You know about Cleveland Cooks cookbooks, right?

You know those special recipes that have been your family's favorites for years? Maybe they were brought over from the "Old Country" by a relative. Maybe there's a unique or funny way that you always serve it. Or maybe it's just a tried and true recipe that always gets raves.

We gathered the best recipes and assembled them all in two cookbooks to show that Cleveland Cooks!

Volume 1 of the Cleveland Cooks cookbook sold out and there are a limited number of copies of Volume 2 of Cleveland Cooks available

Volume 2 has recipes from local celebrities but the focus is more on the recipes that Mom and Grandma used to make. So there are many ethnic recipes that have been enjoyed and handed down through the generations.

Look for delicious recipes celebrating the diverse ethnic makeup of Cleveland - Hungarian, Jewish, Italian, Greek, Irish, Slovenian, Polish, Armenian and many more.

The cookbooks are available at many local stores and shows or you can order via mail.

Part of the proceeds from the book will benefit Computers Assisting People (CAP).

Special Holiday offer

For a limited time, you can now order Cleveland Cooks Volume 2 for only $10 (regularly $15) plus shipping.

Send a check or money order made out to Magnum for $10 plus $2 shipping (total $12) per book to

Cleveland Cooks
3150 Payne Ave
Cleveland, OH 44114

Or pay securely with a credit card via PayPal (owned by eBay).

Now get cooking!

Cleveland Cooks Cookbook Volume 2

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