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10 Winning Profile Tips
for On-line Dating
by Liz H. Kelly

With 50 million daters searching for love online, you need ways to stand out. Based on my marketing background, these winning profile tips were created to help you make great first impressions online. These top 10 tips are also timesavers because they will help you attract your type faster.

Based on interviews with thousands for my dating book and Smart Man Hunting coaching services, these advice tips have been proven to increase profile response rates by 500%. Your mailbox will fill up much faster, which means you will have more options.

Everyone knows dating is a numbers game. Your odds of finding the right connection can jump sky high with these profile updates.

10 Winning Profile Tips:

1. Write a fun and friendly headline: Moonlight and Margaritas?, Ski Away with Me, Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows?

2. Post at least two current photos: Photos significantly increase responses! Try at least one close-up and one full-body shot for the best results.

3. Use a positive tone: I love to learn and meet new people. Life is an adventure and I would like to share it with someone special.

4. Keep it simple: Keep your descriptions light and avoid demanding checklists in your essays. Talk about movies or hobbies versus sharing your life story.

5. Write short essays versus a book: Try using 3-5 sentences for essays and save the details for later. You want to get past a first date before you share any dirt.

6. Add a little humor: I can laugh at my mistakes. Are you a Letterman or Leno fan?

7. Include a fun hobby note: I need someone to distract me from the piano. I love to travel and go wild taking photographs.

8. Add your marketing pitch: What makes you unique? Try listing three things and make them catchy (everyone is smart, outgoing, and fun - how are you different?). If you love to take photos, what has been your best shot?

9. Show interest in the other party: Enough about me…tell me more about you. Ask inviting questions to encourage a discussion.

10. Be confident versus boastful: When you show confidence in being you, it is the biggest turn-on. The trick is not to be boastful in your delivery.

Using these 10 winning profile tips, you can significantly increase your numbers, ego and odds of finding a perfect match.

If you want help writing your headline and essays, sign up for a Profile Makeover. Based on my corporate photography background, I also review your photos as part of this service.

You can make great love happen using these 10 Winning Profile Tips.

Happy Hunting!,

Liz H. Kelly
Dating Coach and Author of SMART Man Hunting

Liz H. Kelly is a Dating Coach and author of SMART Man Hunting. She provides Profile Reviews, Profile Makeovers and customized coaching for singles coast-to-coast. Visit her online at http://www.smartmanhunting.com

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