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Congratulations on Your Wedding;
I Hate You!:

The Top 10 Mistakes Single Women
Make at Weddings

Editor's Note:When we received this press release we had to look at a calendar and remember that this was 2007 in the United States. We thought that Cleveland Women would find it interesting, so decided to post it. It certainly reflects a, ahem, non-standard approach. We would be interested in your feedback of Ms. Conant's tips. E-mail us with your thoughts.

Good news for single women who are invited to the friend's or relative's wedding on the "lucky" date of 7-7-07.

If you think the wedding is all about the bride, then you are wrong. The wedding and reception are all about you meeting men in a "marriage" type of situation.

"The very biggest mistake that a single woman makes about going to a wedding and reception is that she does not realize that this is the best possible high-quality singles event in the entire world!" said Py Kim Conant, author of Sex Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep Your Man, a self-help book for single women who want to get married to Good Men within 12-to-18 months.

"If you want to meet a Good Man and get married, there is no better place to start than at the wedding, particularly at the wedding reception. You should plan accordingly for the wedding.

Don't forget that you are in a marriage event surrounded by lots of appropriate single men who have come alone and who are in a relaxed and party mood by the time the band starts playing at the reception."

According to theknot.com, about 38,000 couples are planning to get married on that date. This number is triple the usual number of July 4th weekend weddings.

As much as couples getting married on 7-7-07 are looking for extra luck for their "jackpot" marriage, just as that triple number "7" lining up on a Las Vegas slot machine gets the couples a jackpot payoff, you as a single woman will also win a jackpot if you avoid the top 10 mistakes single women make at weddings.

You may have a chance to meet a Good Man you can marry on 8-8-08, which is the luckiest date for a wedding in Asia.

Here are Top 10 mistakes at weddings you make that will leave you alone and single if you don't change your ways:

  1. You can't beat the singles blues so you are a bit depressed. Why a mistake? You should be happy and optimistic to have such a great opportunity to meet men.
  2. You don't come alone to the wedding and you talk to other girls at the wedding and reception. Why a mistake? Single guys can't approach you. Guys can approach you more easily if you are alone, so talk to men or be alone.
  3. You wear a bra. You don't dress sexy. Why a mistake? Guys are sexual so you should be sexy to attract attention. Men love to look at and are attracted to nipples and jiggling breasts (also, it's sexy).
  4. When guests have a chance to say something to the couple at the reception, you pass. Why a mistake? Speak and show how funny and beautiful you are.
  5. You don't drink at the reception. Why a mistake? It's okay to be a bit tipsy at the reception (be careful: just a "bit"), then to be a little flamboyant while dancing.
  6. You drink too much, get drunk, and start a striptease on the dance floor. Why a mistake? You don't act with a sense of class and femininity. You attract plenty of men, but no Good Men. Good Men are attracted to classy and feminine women.
  7. You eat like a pig at the reception (wrong animal). Why a mistake? Always eat like a bird (right animal) when you want men to notice you.
  8. You sit at a table and you dance infrequently at the reception. Why a mistake? Men can get to you more easily and you're more visible if you stand, preferably near the dance floor. Dance with anyone who asks you, so that all the men see you out on the dance floor, laughing, having fun, and being happy with all of the men you dance with.
  9. You drive your car to the wedding, instead of getting a ride. Why a mistake? You can't accept a ride home with some hot-looking Good Man.
  10. You get in an argument with your boyfriend who hasn't proposed yet, asking him when he will be ready to commit. Why a mistake? You should have come alone to the wedding. Your boyfriend you think is the love of your life is not in love with you enough to marry you.

Py Kim Conant is the author of Sex Secrets of an American Geisha: How to Attract, Satisfy, and Keep Your Man (Hunter House) and has published three books in Korean and has written a bi-weekly column for the Korea Daily in Southern California.

Conant has appeared on radio shows nationally and has been featured in Real Simple and East West magazines, as well as in the Los Angeles Times. Conant teaches a class on "Get Married in a Year" for the Learning Annex and lives in Los Angeles with her happy husband, Richard.

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