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10 Tips For Taking The Best
Family Photos For Your
Holiday Greeting Cards

The time has come to start thinking about your holiday greeting cards. If you had a photo card in mind this year, you can maximize the success for the perfect photograph.

Whether it’s for your entire family, or just your children, following these top ten tips for getting the best holiday card photo will help.

  1. Schedule your portrait sitting when the family is well rested and fed. Fatigue and hunger can make a smooth sitting very difficult.
  2. Bring an extra outfit for everyone just in case spills or accidents happen. Keep a bib on the baby until just before you take your photos.
  3. Have ideas of what you do and don’t want for backgrounds and positioning of family members. The photographer will help you, but you might visit their website to get some ideas before you go.
  4. Arrive early so the studio doesn’t rush you. You’ll feel more relaxed if you have a little time for final grooming.
  5. “Look like yourself” ­ Don’t try new hairstyles or wear “busy” holiday clothing that will become overwhelming in the shot. (i.e. think twice about putting Santa hats on everyone!)
  6. Don’t set expectations too high or pressure everyone to “pose”. Trust your photographer to catch expressions. Sometimes the best shots are the most spontaneous.
  7. Have a solid idea of what sizes and quantities of prints you want before you arrive so you don’t get pressured into unnecessary photos.
  8. Get a photographer release form signed when you pick up your photos if you plan on using an outside source to have your holiday cards made. They may require this.
  9. Schedule your sitting early in the season in case the shot just doesn’t work out or so you have time to use the shots for gifts, cards, etc.
  10. Relax and enjoy documenting a long-lasting piece of your favorite holiday memories - you and your family!

“It’s best to be prepared and think ahead about these things,” said Doreen Kukral of BabyfaceCards.com, an online company specialized in personalized and custom photo cards. “Most people wait until the last minute and are forced to take a less-than-average photo with their digital camera.”

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