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More Beef Questions

Q: Where does stew (beef) meat come from?

Would I get a better stew if I bought a big piece of meat and cut it up myself? Is the stew meat "leftovers" from good cuts?

A: Beef stew meat usually comes from the same cut as a beef roast. Chuck and sirloin tip are quite common.

You can purchase a roast and cut it yourself if you are concerned about which cut is being offered.

Q: I've heard the terms eye of round, top round and bottom round. Can you explain these to me? Thank you.

A: A full cut round consists of 3 sections. Top-round or steamship round, Eye of Round and bottom round also known as square-cut rump roast.

When looking at a full cut round steak you can easily see the 3 sections.

Q: Do you sell beef suet that I can hang out for the birds in the winter?

A: Call ahead and we will save some for you!

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