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7 Tips for Finding and Keeping "Your True Love"
By Dr. Dan Ardebili

As Valentine's Day approaches singles wonder how to find their true love and couples wonder how to keep their love.

Both goals are easy to reach according to Dr. Dan Ardebili, Ph.D, known as "The Real Love Guru," and author of How to Attract the Person of Your Dreams and Keep Them!

Here are tips to make you love life tip top:

Tip #1

Be clear of who you want in your life! Who is the person of your dreams? Why do you want them in your life? Make a list of what you want and why you want them.

Tip #2

Take a look in the mirror! Do you like what you see? Would you date you? If the answer is yes, then great! If the answer is no, then grab your journal and make a list of what you must change and do it! Get started on it now!

Tip #3

Take care of you and fill yourself up daily! Take time for yourself. Do things like yoga, get massages, take a walk or run, get out in nature, hug a tree, meditate, go to the gym, ride a bike. Fill yourself up so have more to give others. Remember if you have nothing for you, then you won't be able to give to others.

Tip #4

Be the person you want to attract! Like attracts like. Be the person you want in your life. Start getting into shape if that's the kind of person you want in your life. go to the kind of places that the person of your dreams would go. Join groups and organizations that they would belong to. Search MeetUp.com for groups that meet in your area.

Tip #5

Be happy first! If you want to build a fire on a cold night, you don't ask for the fire to start and then go out and get the wood after you are warm. You must get the wood first, before you get the fire! That is why you must be happy first and then you will get the person of your dreams.

Tip #6

Celebrate your breakups! Everything happens in life for a reason and a purpose. What did you learn from your past relationships? You must remember that if they did not happen, then you would not be the person you are today. But if all you learned is to not trust others, then you still have some lessons to learn before you are ready to meet the person of your dreams.

Tip #7

Make it a reality! Grab a journal and write down a day in the life with the person of your dreams. Write it down in detail like it already happened.

This is so powerful! Write down how you met, your first date, your first kiss, the first time you made love, go into as much detail as you like. Now go back and read this every morning when you first wake up! If you really want to speed it up you can read it every night also. Also share it with someone you can trust and that will support you.

Dr. Dan Ardebili, Ph.D., is a best selling author and speaker in the fields of Attraction, Dating, Relationships, Human development, and self-development. He's the author of two books: "The Little Book of Secrets, How to Attract the Person of Your Dreams and Keep Them!" and RockStar: 45 RockStar Lessons: How to Be a RockStar in Your Life, and Make the World Your Stage!

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