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Valentine's Day

Beware of Valentine's Day e-mail greetings
Hints and tips to stay safe on Valentine's Day

Sweetie-Less For Valentine's Day?
Remind yourself what a terrific catch you are - and other tips

Valentine's Day Entertaining & Party Ideas
From HGTV's Libby Langdon

Valentine's Day Crafts, Cards and Food
From the star of HGTV's "Small Space, Big Style"

Tips for Going Solo on Valentine's Day
in a world made up of Couples

Homemade Gifts for Valentine's Day
Ten ideas you can try

The Geisha approach to Valentine's Day
What do you think of these techniques?

Is Romance Killing Marriage?
Measuring a marriage based on romantic feelings can lead us to dangerous conclusions

Chocolate Tasting Party - Part 3
Dark Chocolate

Forget love -- I'd rather fall in chocolate
Chocolate Tasting Party - Part 2

Chocolate Tasting Party - Part 1
Chocolate Martini anyone?

Nancy Drew Valentine
For Tweens age 8-14

Get your Heart Pumping

Will you be my Valentine?

Origin of Valentine's Day

What Kids say about Love

Special Valentine's Day Postmark

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