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Chat with Pat

Chat with Pat

Chat with Pat
Introductory Column

To bet or not to bet
Pat Chats about the Gamblers and Non-gamblers in her family

The Scale is Evil!
Chat with Pat goes on a diet

Away in a ... Cabin?
Pat chats about a special holiday memory

Cable and Toasters and Phones - Oh My!
Pat chats about some consumer gripes

Pat's letter to Santa
She asks for some unusual gifts

Halloween Memories
Pat chats about one of her favorite holidays

My Dad - James Francis "Bud" Sweeney
Pat chats about her dad on Father's Day

Music, music, music!
Pat chats about family sing-alongs

Peaches in January?
Pat chats about seasonal foods

It's a Dog's Life
Pat chats about how we treat our dogs

Pat chats about Names
Whatever happened to Agnes and Dorothy?

Pat chats about Sports
Cleveland, Women and Sports

Feeling out of step?
Pat chats about being different

Color of Spring
Pat wonders if Spring will ever come

The Black Toe Club
Pat chats about a happy accident

From winter to summer
Pat finally puts away the snow shovels

Chat with Pat

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