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Everyday Working Girl in the City

Elizabeth began sharing her thoughts as a 29 year old Cleveland woman with a, shall we say, unusual sense of humor. Much of this stems from the situations that she faces each day as a (drum roll please) Everyday Working Girl in the City.

Read on as Elizabeth takes on
The Comedy of Everyday Life

Elizabeth Vs. The Intervention
Co-workers react to Elizabeth's last column

Elizabeth Vs. Myself - Part 1
She's back - and bares her soul

Elizabeth Vs. Myself - part 2
She's back - and bares her soul

Elizabeth Vs. The Truth
A soul-searching, tearful look inside

Elizabeth Vs. The Ice
She's Baaaaack! Well, sort of.

Elizabeth Vs. Movies
Not all of them. Just the bad ones.

Elizabeth Vs. Miss Melody
Yes. Miss Melody. The Goddess of Domesticity or whatever she calls herself.

Elizabeth Vs. the Channel 19 Weather Guy
He has "hands like a priest!"

Elizabeth Vs. the Advice Givers.
All of them. Its time for Elizabeth to take action.

Elizabeth Vs. The Clan
No, not that Klan

Elizabeth Vs. The Pedicure
Rule # 1 - Remember to shave first!

Elizabeth Vs. Charles the Toxin Ingesting Healer
Nothing like a burping energy healer

Elizabeth Vs. The Serial Rapist Email
But Mom, I'm 28!

Elizabeth Vs. God on Earth
and He has the business cards to prove it

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