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Mary Tompsett

Mary Tompsett is a self-syndicated humorist who lives with her dog and cats on the far west side of Cleveland (Racine, Wisconsin).

Her horse left the family for a more stable environment. Read more at www.marytompsett.com.

Mary Tompsett

Begone, Satin!
Mary deals with being possessed

Ticks and Tats
Got Ticks? (or tattoos?) Mary has advice

Let us prey
Mary meets Twilight

Mary plays Cat & Mouse

Sit, Stay, Pay
Doggone good idea for health care reform

Housing Bubble Babble
Mary T gets religious about sales

Lighteth Mine Fire
Mary T tries Ear Candling

Whistlin' in the Dark
Mary T combines lifeguarding and baggy pants

Mary T applies to a Hollywood stunt school

Running of the Bull
How MaryT kicked serious bull butt

Sin while you can
MaryT and the Seven Deadly Sins

Yellow jackets, tight pants
MaryT discovers the fascinating world of wasps

From parietal to plumper
MaryT ponders what to do with her $600 tax rebate

Turn the other Chi
MaryT meets Feng Shui

Humble piPod
Mary struggles with new-fangled gadgets

Surf 'n turf survival
Mary learns to outsmart a bear

Mary sees Time Travel Unraveled
when Paris Hilton debates Stephen Hawking

ChrisKwanChanumas Notes
Mary peeks at a Mall Santa's Diary

March to a different drumstick
Mary gets her cooking skills from her mother

Nursing home romp
The Boomer Rumor Rag - October 2027

Paddles Up!
Mary races on a Dragon Boat

Half an Hour - Tops
Mary's Home Repair Adventure

Bran to be wild!
Mary goes for a motorcycle ride

Bran to be wild!
Mary goes for a motorcycle ride

Tyke Psych 101
Mary deals with the Nephew from hell!

Lizard at the Wheel
Mary faces her inner reptile

One last fling
Mary looks at her final big bash

Cupid's Chemistry
Mary looks at Love for Valentine's Day

The Ham Cam Report
For 2007 - the Year of the Pig

Our Menu Has Changed
Mary deals with tech support

Bassets, Not Botox
A quick fix for Aging Boomers

Lint Roller Derby
Pet Hair gets a life of its own

Barely Blended
Aunt Luna a Nudist?

Victorious Secrets
Mary tackles those irksome household problems

A R'oaz by Any Other Name
Popular Names sure have changed

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