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Pain from Kickboxing

Q. Hi, I have had pain in my calf for about 2 months. In the beginning it would just hurt when I got out of bed in the mornings and it was a little sore.

I take kickboxing and aerobic classes but it's really hard to workout because it's hurting so much and it feels really tight. As soon as I start working now it hurts.

Can it be my achilles tendon? What do you suggest? Can the kickboxing be a negative factor?

In general, what do you think of kickboxing?

Thank you.

A. Kickboxing can be a great activity and really gets your heart rate up. Itís also fun, so you donít feel like you are straining yourself. However, the pain in your calf could be an Achilles or Soleus muscle problem.

The fact that it hurts when you get up in the morning, means that the muscle has tightened up at night while you are sleeping. If you think about it, while you sleep your feet relax (or dorsi-flex) into a pointed position, which shortens the calf muscle Ė in the morning when you step down out of bed, you immediately stretch out whatever had just been healing overnight!

Make sure you take your first steps in the morning into supportive shoes Ė like stretching and a visit to a local physical therapist can sort through the cause of the problem as well.

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Deborah Singer of Novacare

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