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Exercise & Fitness
For Women

Running is a Woman's Sport
Learn from our Running Coach, Kate Pophal

Spice Up Your Treadmill Workout from the Author
of Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom

Fitness Guru and Author Joan Pagano
Shaker Heights native comes home and talks fitness

Pain in legs at night
after kickboxing or aerobic workout

Common Exercise Misconceptions
Don't let these sabotage your fitness

Energize and Exercise with your preschooler
DVD review by Anne Mooney

Exercise Safety tips that will last a lifetime
Advice from our Expert Certified Exercise Instructor

For Fitness sake, get on track for 2008
Advice from our Expert Certified Exercise Instructor

A better golf game is possible
Get the off-season edge

Exercise even though knees are hurting?
Advice from our Expert Physical Therapist

Spice Up Your Treadmill Workout
Routines for Novice to Master

Yoga for your Moods DVD
Workout Choices for Busy Mothers

Most Effective Gluteus Maximus Training
Best Butt Exercises

How to Get Started
in an Exercise Program

Top Ten Mistakes
People make in the Gym

Curves for Women (R)
A study by the American Council on Exercise

Shape Up for Summer the Healthy Way
Fad Diets and Last Minute Gym Sessions May Ultimately Only Do Harm

NOTE: You should always check with your own healthcare professionals in all matters concerning health, exercise and diet.

This section will give general information and broad answers to questions but you are strongly advised to use it as an informative tool rather than a replacement for health advice from a professional who knows your unique situation.

Please Read our Disclaimer regarding Medical Advice

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