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Ride Exercise Bike on
Days when it is painful?

Q. I have arthritis in my knees. My doctor has suggested a recumbent bike, which I have been using.

On days when my knees are really hurting should I use the bike anyway and try to push through it or should I rest it and start up again when they're better? Thank you.

A. Pain is really the only way your body has of telling you to "lighten up a bit" - but regular bouts of arthritis pain can really get in the way of an exercise routine.

I would suggest "trying" the bike a bit on bad days - slower than normal and not for as long, but try to stay in your routine.

Either a slow pace bike ride or a new activity like swimming on those days will allow you to stay in your routine, but give your joints the break they are asking for.

Make sure… EXTRA SURE… that you are doing appropriate stretching every day so that the biking isn't making your muscles in your legs tighter! On the days that your knees are aching - chances are, some extra stretching could alleviate that discomfort and allow you to get your regular work out in.

There are also some wonderful inflammatory relief treatments out there that you can use at home on those "off days" - meet with a physical therapist who can develop a solid home program for you so that you don't have to miss a step.

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Deborah Singer of Novacare

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