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Child Sexual Abuse

If you suspect that a child you know is being physically or sexually abused you must contact your local children services.

They will investigate the report to determine if the child is being abused. If you are interested in knowing what signs to look for, you might call your local rape crisis center and ask to speak to someone who works with children who are sexually abused.

It is very important to get help for this child. You may be their only link to getting help. Reporting child abuse is very difficult but it the responsibility of every adult.

If you are a child who is being abused it is important to tell someone who can help you.

Find a teacher, a friend's parent or a school counselor to talk to. If you tell someone and they are not helpful keep telling until you find someone that can help.

Remember, what is happening to you is not your fault.

Jacqueline P. Sweeney-Mance, MA

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