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Male Rape Survivors

In addition to things listed above male survivors also struggle with the stigma of being a male rape survivor.

Male rape is rarely addressed in society and commonly men think that they alone have suffered this attack. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are many male rape survivors.

You might fear that no one will believe that a man can be raped. If you run into such ignorance while you are searching for help I urge you not to give up. There are services for male survivors and there are people willing to help you heal.

Unfortunately, these services may take longer to find but I urge you to keep looking. Many rape crisis centers are educating their staff on the issues of male survivors. You deserve help healing from this attack and I encourage you to keep looking until you find the help that you need.

The book Male on Male Rape by Michael Scarce is an excellent book on this topic. (It does contain stories of other rape survivors that may be difficult for some survivors to read.)

On the Internet going to www.malesurvivor.org will take you to the website of an organization dedicated to male survivors.

If you are a heterosexual male you might fear that being raped makes you a homosexual or that you must be gay. There is no truth to this. If you were a heterosexual man before the attack there is no reason to fear that you are no longer. Being raped does not change one's sexual orientation.

I also strongly encourage male rape survivors to seek medial attention.

Jacqueline P. Sweeney-Mance, MA

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