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Rape and Thoughts of Suicide

Often survivors of sexual assault think about hurting or even killing themselves. This does not mean that you are crazy, it is very common. It DOES mean that it is time to get yourself help.

If you are seeing a counselor it is important that they know you are having these feelings. If you are not seeing a counselor I suggest calling your rape crisis center and asking to see one.

If you are feeling like you want to hurt or kill yourself right now then you need to seek help immediately.

Calling your local rape crisis hotline 216-619-6192 or your local police department is important to keeping yourself safe.

Many rape survivors feel as though they are all alone. You are not alone and it is possible to heal from sexual assault.

Help is available. Do not give up hope.

Jacqueline P. Sweeney-Mance, MA

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