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Tapenga's Tales
Part 6 - A Wet Wedding

The weeks went by and we all began to adjust. Bob could, and still can, often be found shaking is head and mumbling something about "I used to have 2 cats!"

As we adjusted the animals attempted to as well. Bob's cat came out in charge even though the dog is probably 4 times bigger then her. The other cat is pretty old and is missing an eye. Though she holds her own she would just rather not be bothered with the whole mess.

Bob is not the most romantic man on the planet and I am insecure and need probably more then the average amount of reassurance that all is well with us. I spent a few nights crying on the couch as he reassured me that this is what he wanted and he was happy, and I have learned to live with hearing those thing a little less frequently then would be my ideal.

Bob's relationship with Roberta (youngest daughter) continued to grow, both had to adjust and change a few habits and learn to close a few doors, but they are now best of friends. Bob never refers to the kids as step, but always as his kids and grandkids, something that makes me very proud.

Then one day in April as we were laying across the bed quietly watching TV, and I was dozing in and out, Bob said "So.....you want to get married?" I wasn't sure I had heard him right, but responded with "Of course!" "After some discussion of the particulars I ran downstairs, jumped on Roberta and squealed "We're getting married!"

She, having adjusted to this strange man by now was very happy for us. We decided to get married on July 4th at a beautiful farm that his family owns near Middlefield. Now if you are keeping up, that makes my birthday July 2, Bob's birthday July 3, and our anniversary July 4. I figured by the time we get through all 3 days and the fireworks go off, there is some chance that he will remember our anniversary!

The wedding was to be in the middle of the annual 4th of July picnic at the farm. There was 4-wheeling, and swimming and even Bob was in the lake about a half hour before the ceremony.

It was an incredibly hot and sticky day. As we moved to the outside spot that I had chosen for the ceremony and were to begin in about 2 minutes, of coarse the heavens opened up with a ferocious thunder storm with gale force winds. We quickly moved inside and had the ceremony in the living room of the 1800's farm house with the minister and all our family and friends (some still in bathing suits) dripping sweat.

It was a very simple but wonderful ceremony including our children and grandchildren and then the sky cleared and we swam and picnicked the rest of the day. A week later we took our honeymoon in Myrtle Beach with Roberta and her best friend.

Still makes me laugh to think that I was not going to date any more men that did not have children. Now my man not only has children, but grandchildren!

So......how much more to tell you.........Roberta finished high school and spent her first year of college living in the dorm though she was close enough to come be home in about 20 minutes. You would think that meant that we had found some time alone together, but low and behold our oldest split from her husband and moved in with us along with her son 1/2 of the time.

So here is my new husband, used to living with 2 cats and 3 extra bedrooms that now is living with a part time college student, a divorcing young woman, a part time 3 year old, and often times the middle daughter and, her husband and 2 year old stop by just to be not left out, 2 cats, a dog, and every so often just for yucks and giggles my dad and his wife will come to town and stay with us, and at those times my aunt usually stays too and my sister and her family stop by to visit.

We do, however, have one of the best marriages anyone could ask for and I love him more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone.

Needless to say, though, my husband can still be found shaking his head and saying "I used to live with 2 cats........2 cats!!"

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