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Women of a Certain Age
Not a Kid anymore

You know that age. You can't be considered a young mother or an up and coming career girl.

Maybe you are in your late 30's or 40-something or beyond. Whenever it hits you, you'll know when you're not a kid anymore.

This section is for you; written by and about women facing some of the same changes and opportunities that you are.

Let us know what you think.
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My Daughter, My Facebook Friend
Laura is thrilled when her daughter at college includes her in her Facebook posting

Lessons Learned by Linda - Raising kids alone after divorce

Teens and Volunteering
Lesson learned and experiences gained

OMG! It's the texting teens!
Single Mom Linda deals with her daughters's texting

Single Parents and New Year's Resolutions
They just don't mix

Single Mothers Without Mothers
Memories of Mom

What's Most Important
To a Single Mom

Much-needed Vacations
For Single Mom Families

Surviving Divorce
With her great kids

Claire Thinking

Lumpy Girl Claire's Diet
Claire goes public with her weight loss plan
- and asks for your help in this evolving series.

What was I thinking about?
Claire's feeling scatterbrained

Claire's cat learns to sulk
Punishment for her trip to the vet

Claire wears her Fat Pants
Could a mutant gene be at fault?

Claire "The Geek" Gambler
Claire finds she prefers Skee-Ball to Slots

Claire's Pajama Dance
Why aren't all pants made like pajama pants?

Kittens and Christmas
Claire becomes a nutty cat woman

Things That Are Hard to Tell Your Mother
Claire and her Mom

The infamous Wal-Mart Incident
Claire takes a spill

Brown Bagging It
Claire saves for the hurricane victims

The Geek in Me
Claire faces her geekiness

Clearance Rack of Life
Claire goes shopping for a man

Post Potter Depression
Claire's love affair with reading

Being Alone
Claire looks at living alone

A Non-Blonde Moment
Claire has a bad hair experience

Have you Herd of Whales?
Claire faces a changing body shape

A Non-Blonde Moment
Claire has a bad hair experience

Auld Maid Syne
Claire and a lonely New Years Eve

Claire and Car Repairs
Not exactly Oil & Vinegar but close

What Am I Weighting For?
Claire wants to lose weight

Dating after 40
Claire Thinking

A Different Kind of Empty Nest
Claire Thinking

A Moment with Maria

Up on the Roof
A Moment with Maria

I Love Clothes
A Moment with Maria

Tales from Tapenga

Married Too Young
Tapenga begins her Tale

Back to School
Part 2 of Tapenga's Tale

Moving On
Part 3 of Tapenga's Tale

Meeting Bob
Part 4 of Tapenga's Tale

Moving In
Part 5 of Tapenga's Tale

Nice day for a Wet Wedding
Part 6 of Tapenga's Tale

Tapenga goes Christmas Shopping
A whole new strategy this year!

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