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Tara Michelle
Society in Cages?

Its weird, one minute everything can be total chaos and the next everything just makes so much sense and the world is so peaceful. And one moment it can be so dark and with a flick of a swich there can be light. What happens in between? What's between the change?

My next door neighbor Mike, he's like 22 years old or something. I have a home video of him when he was 13 climbing a tree. Its weird, about 2 summers ago he got into a car accident and went to prison in a moment everything can change.

You can be a princess and end up a slave. And with each change we learn. We learn of Good and Bad.

Why is it that I'm different? Why do I see things so long term?

Is it because I have worked my entire life to be, or to reach? I know I am a mentally strong person and I know the only thing i fear is what i don't succeed in. I don't yet know where I am headed but I do know where I'll Finish.

I wrote a poem :

I am a thriving weed
amongst a garden of roses
I am a thriving seed in a crack of concrete
Society is the gardener so eager to cut me down tear me out.
For those are the minds filled with doubt.
And if you don't like it you can Flip the page
go back to your homes, your ignorant cage
I look into society's eyes , its dark as night,
Nothing behind them but
a wheel with no mice
In my eyes you'll see an incandescent light
That shines so bright
and a wheel that turn a mind that burns.
Originality and what I aspire to be
I'm on this one Laned road
And at times it my feel so cold
Never will I be told-
And this road it twists and jerks
But you'll see I'll pull it off like Captain Kirk
Flying high with comets and Mars the sun and shooting stars.
Flying High Past Light years and ages
And all this I will have seen....
while society doubts me in there cages.

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