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Tara Michelle
Story of a Girl

There was a girl so young but felt so old
but if you looked at her eyes you could see the story unfold
She wore sunglasses so you couldn't see the pain she felt
If life was a game of cards it was a nasty dealt

She covered her pain with a happy face
wearing a smile all over the place
She'd make you till you thought you would die
But when she was alone she always seemed to cry

She soon became friendly with older men
Looked 17 by the age of ten
Looking for love after her father was buried
But it was hard to find love with the hardships she carried

Where her dreams were headed i could not even guess
But this is the tale of a girls bitter loneliness
All her money was spent on weed and booze
The little girl inside she was trying to loose

Her broken home life made her want to grab a knife
Lay out her arm and begin to slice
Until one day at age 26,
she looked in the mirror at someone 46

She took the wrong roads but was getting on track
Stopped hanging with the friends who turned her to crack
She let out the tears that she use to hide
She then met a man who loved her deeply inside

She had 2 children with the man she loved
And never forgot to thank god above
No more fears of being alone
For now she had a family that was her own

Her young children gave back her youth
She gave them nickels and dimes when they lost their first tooth
But children grow fast
as time seems to pass

She died in September at age 87
Now she looks at her family as she sits in heaven
Never was she honored, never was she praised
But when I heard of this women I was in a bitter sweet amaze.

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