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Tara Michelle
No Longer am I Free

No longer am I free
Because America's society has brought me down.
-Down to the level of where beauty is in the eye of Cosmo girl.
-When money dictates our choices.
-Where our hope lies in the freedom of the people, before us, dreams.

No longer am I free.
Because the truth is in-politically correct.
Because everything is behind the truth that we aren't told
So there for our happiness will never unfold.
And what the media depicts our minds, bodies and soul can never overcome

No longer am I free
Because I am not in tone with earth
I have been torn to shreds by the lies I've been told
And the rumors I to have sold
I gathered the attention of others to be supported.

No longer am I free
I rebelled to be different
To be set apart
But in my youth this is what the society expected

So in the end I did this all and for what?
I will never be free
I can never be free

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