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Tara Michelle
Inside this Classroom

Unlike you may see
I am different
non-identical, distinct
Something you may not think
Not the majority
I don't believe in Conformity
But I do believe in Loyalty
Allegiance, Constancy
Loving one another is how it should be
or could be
Across the world, throughout the nation
I confess my undying Tribulation
Sitting in this desk I man my station
Inside this Classroom
I blend into the milieu
The boisterous bing of the bell
Lets me leave this room of hell
As you can tell, I don't like school too well
But its over and done
I have a sense of freedom
Liberation, Independence
Free from the shallow world of ignorance
Which In my opinion Is a great annoyance
When your 17 you shouldn't be so frivolous
And I may be rebellious
But I'm still judicious

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