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by Tara Michelle

There is only so much to say
Before one nights final fade
I put my two fingers in your pocket as you drive
It’s the one thing that makes us feel alive
And maybe that wont last
But today is one more day us has surpass
And In a few more moons we may shed a good bye
But right now we let all the cares of that just fly
Because we are young and stupid
And believe in things like love and cupid
I listen to you sing the songs you so willingly adore
You feel the music as if it were your core
You tell me facts of bands and they sound so cool
All of it swims in your mind
like drama in high school
I listen so carefully as you diligently explain
Not because I care about it
just because it’s fuel for the flame
The flame of love or lust
at this point who really cares
My fingers are still there
So tight between your thigh and denim
And if people talk, we’ll just let’em
After all we are young and stupid
And believe in things like love and cupid
But who can blame us in a world we barely know
We are just two more kids who go with the flow.
So kiss my lips like its forever
Who knows what future heartaches will endeavor
For right now lets be lost in the moment
After all, this is a moment…
what do we have to show for it?

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