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Nature vs Nurture
by Tara Michelle

Today, I was discussing Nature vs. Nurture with a friend and how it applies to the way we are today. After we shared this dialog I came up with a fabulous writing prompt for me to explore Nature/Nurture and relationships. So here is what I have found.

I have found that Naturally you are attracted to people for reasons unknown to ones self, you have a compelling energy to talk to this person, some call this chemistry, I call in fate, but whatever the case is… you find these people.

Now take note, I am a fond believer in, everything happens for a reason, if things work out then they work out things were nurtured in a way that it happened to all work out.

I think in every you learn something if a relationship went bad and you are at the point where you try to figure out why… you learn.

I believe that when you nurture a natural feeling for something and its meant to be it will be.

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