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Boost your Self-esteem:

Try these steps to boost your self-esteem:

  • Tell yourself that it is okay not to be the best at everything.
  • Help out by doing chores around the house and volunteering in your community.
  • Do things that you enjoy, or learn about new things you would like to try.
  • Understand that there will be times when you will feel disappointed in yourself and other people. No one is perfect!
  • If you are angry, try talking it over with an adult you trust (parents/guardians, relatives or a school counselor).
  • Think positively about yourself and the things you can do. Think: "I will try!"
  • If you still find that you are not feeling good about yourself, talk to your parents/guardian, a school counselor, or your doctor because you may be at risk for depression. (You can also ask the school nurse for help through tough times. Some schools offer counseling.) Learn more about depression and other health issues that can affect your mind.

How you feel about yourself can help you through tough times when other kids aren't so nice. To learn more about teasing, bullying and the connection to self-esteem, visit Stop Bullying Now!

You are an individual - celebrate your uniqueness! Read more about the link between self-esteem and identity.

Thinking positively about yourself - who you are and the things you can do - can help boost your self-esteem. Use the "Just 4Me" log to write down special information just about you. Keep this log in your locker, your notebook, or your bedroom to remind you of all the good things that make you unique.

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